Special thanks

Thank you, Abba Father God
The alpha and omega. The first and the last. Firstly, I thank Him for all of the people who have been so influential in my life. God deserves all praise that can be mustered up by us and yet it is truly insignificant in comparison to His greatness. God has been so patient. He has been so loving. He has been so amazing in my life. I often fail. I often stumble. I often get tired. I often feel alone. But God remains true. I cannot write anything to share the vastness of the mercy He has bestowed upon me. I cannot imagine my life without Him. I cannot stand to see others try to live without Him. He has done everything and yet we turn away. I am so unworthy. I know it. I don’t deserve it. God is so gracious that He lets me be part of His plans. I would like to thank all the influencers (only a few can be mentioned here) that were key in shaping whom I have become and the contributors that have partnered with me on providing content or creating the design for Theology in Sneakers.
Influencers (listed chronologically)
This site wouldn’t have been possible without many people. I thank them beyond all measure. Some of these people are below (listed in chronological order) but I know there are countless others whom I have listened to, learned from, been challenged by that have all been threads in the tapestry that is my life.

Melody Lam

    For her 15+ years of loyal friendship and her example that shone Christ into my life. She has been a shining example of what a Christian should be. On occasion, I reflect on my past and can’t help but be grateful I came to know Christ and can’t imagine what my life would be if I hadn’t. Thank you for being a big part of that. Your joy and smile continue to be infectious and I am so happy you have found a Godly man in Andrew. (Special thanks to Tim and Beverley as co-stars in my path to Christ)

Ricky Tsui

    My first church Pastor. I never understood why he focused on me and encouraged me to teach and lead and be my guide as I learned what “church” was all about. I remember many 3-hour long conversations parked in his car and I am grateful for his time.

Victor Chan

    My current church Pastor. His disciplined servant hood in spite of challenges is an example of the resilience I strive for. Several years ago, as I went through some tough times revealing my faith to my family he told me I had to be ready to be stripped down in order to be crowned with a crown of thorns. That along with his lesson of the legacy we leave behind and to think about the eulogy that would be given at our funeral has served as an inspirational backdrop for much of what I do. I have learned the eulogy is not for praise from men but should be a song to Christ and pleasing in His eyes.

(Former) youth at my church

    I am ever grateful for the opportunity to care for the youth at my church. For much of the last few years of my life they have been my heart and soul. They have been my aim and purpose. God has used them to teach me so much and challenge me all the same. I have been heartbroken and joyful, brought to tears and risen to praises over the last several years by each of them. We have been through a lot. As each of you continue on your individual journeys may you never forget the Love of Christ. It is unimaginable in depth and incomprehensible in scope. It is a life and death decision. Keep true. Keep faithful. Always develop a reflex to research and never to doubt. I love you all and will always strive be here for you no matter what stage of life you are in or what you are going through. Thank you for being patient with me and my faults. I continue to learn.

Joe Yiu

    Joe’s gift of leading worship always reminds me of God’s providence in gift giving and the refreshing nature of musical worship our lives need – Spirit and Truth are the foundation of authentic worship. He doesn’t need a large band or many instruments (although he can play almost all of them ;)) and he manages to stir our hearts almost every Sunday into worship that I know must bring a smile to God’s face. He often reminds me that God has blessed me with a passion for Christ but not for singing 😛 – so thanks for putting up with my loud noise in the first row 😉 I hope it isn’t too distracting… but hey if he can lead worship after having to deal with me he can lead through anything.


Jermaine Wall

(creative mind and loving brother – aka “The Big Proxy”)

    When it came time to refresh TiS (TiS 2.0 + TiS 3.0), Jermaine was invaluable in making it happen. He is a dear brother in Christ who continually serves as equal parts inspiration and blessing in my life. I am forever thankful for God’s providence in gracing me with such a passionate and loving Gospel ambassador. He has taught me what true brotherly love looks like and how Christian love can transform relationships no matter the length of time they span.

Peter Hui

(logo design and web genius guy)

    For putting up with my rants and insistent “encouragement” all the while staying true as a friend. He is responsible for the wonderful design of the original version of this site and its original logo (TiS 1.0). We have been through a lot and I have learned his silence cannot be taken as indifference 😉 He is the one guy I can count on to be honest, direct, and loving all at once – sometimes too honest and too direct but all with love.

Tony Costa

      For his tutelage and support. I am grateful for Tony’s example of an apologist in my life and consistently enjoy learning from him. His house fellowship and loving wife have been welcoming and nourishing to my spirit and mind. You will see his events posted here (and lots of my learning and information is credited to him) as I encourage anyone thirsty for knowledge to find a great teacher loyal to Truth unhindered – like Tony and soak it in. His trust in the Lord, his passion for the Book, and his fearless defence are equal parts defining and inspiring.

Click here to visit Tony’s web site.