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Welcome to Theology in Sneakers 3.0!

After several months of cyber construction, I am excited to announce the release of Theology in Sneakers version 3.0. I want to thank everyone who has had great patience over the past several months as TiS required extensive rebuilding due to some technical challenges.

It has been a painstaking process to rebuild the site and personally frustrating that I was not able to have TiS available – I sincerely apologize for that. Thank you to the many people who sent encouraging notes and asked for content to be e-mailed to them for use in fellowships and Sunday Schools – it is truly encouraging to know that TiS is valued and is being used to bless others. I pray that TiS, in its new form, continues to be used to glorify God and to declare the gospel.

TiS 3.0 Key Highlights:

  • Completely redesigned look and feel that is more easily navigated
  • Refreshed graphics throughout the site (courtesy of Jermaine “The Big Proxy” Wall)
  • Quicker access to social media platforms via floating icons
  • Immediate immersion into topical browsing matrix on home page
  • Faster access to search engine under featured article graphics
  • Newly formatted blog browsing
  • Responsive interface to improve experience with touch-screen devices such as tablets and phones
  • Sign up via the “subscribe + contact” section to a…
    • Fully refreshed iTunes podcasting channel
    • Recently launched YouTube channel
    • Updated RSS feed (for those already subscribing, please do resubscribe to the new address)

I thank you all with the utmost of sincerity for your support of TiS in all forms over the past several years be it reading, sharing and/or praying.

A special note of thanks to my dear brother in Christ, Jermaine Wall from Cabinet Collective, for working tirelessly in the midst of a hectic schedule to create such great graphics and help on the custom site build. TiS 3.0 would not exist as it is today without his servant heart as a partner in the Gospel.

This is me sharing about what is running through my mind…