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atheistQuestion: I found this on YouTube, it is entitled ‘atheist walking’ [see below] and discussing the bible, Jesus and god with believers. The atheist challenges the Christians to provide him with evidence of god. The atheist uses scientific data and science as the basis for his beliefs and “faith”. This is a spontaneous continuous video clip (no edits, cuts or scripts). The atheist’s experiences, research and education seems to have prepared him well for this exchange which happened in may 2004. [Can you please comment on this?]


When someone first watches a video like this they can be taken aback. The claims seem to have credibility and seem damaging. It is important, as at anytime claims are made, to pause and dissect each point that is made. Below is a concise (by no means comprehensive) summary of the dialogue and points made in the video. I would encourage you to review each one of these arguments/points and examine them one by one by the weight of the evidence and what it says. Below in brackets are some of my thoughts on each point made by the man in the video and can serve as a starting point to understanding the veracity of his statements.

  • What evidence that god wrote laws of universe – (research astronomy and physics and you will see signs that the universe is so finely developed and tuned that there IS a sign of a Designer/Creator)
  • The Bible is a 2,000 year old book a man wrote – (general claim that has no scientific or logic value… e.g. doesn’t matter if it is old, see “Validity of the Bible” post )
  • Contradictions… 4 gospels tell story different way – (there is one gospel each according to a different author with a different perspective none that contradict each other but each that have a different focus given the target audience..e.g. Matthew to Jews, Mark to Romans, Luke to Greeks, John to believers))
  • Give me evidence – (lots of places to start with this… science, history, archaeology, bible, logic, etc.)
  • Do something to show God is real – (that is something God retains ownership over deciding… Read Luke 11 and you can see even there how Jesus says he won’t give more signs. Jews saw him and Romans interfaced with Jesus and still crucified him… so seeing doesn’t mean believing. In fact, the Queen of the South doesn’t see Jesus and yet from far away comes to learn and become a believer)
  • How do we know God is real? – (evidences require more time to explain but same as above – science, archaeology, Scriptures, etc.)
  • Christians said Jesus didn’t admit to his Godhood because He didn’t want attention – (WRONG statement by the “Christians” as Jesus was not shy of attention and clearly did have the Jews angry at Him since they considered Him a blasphemer. I don’t think these are probably real Christians as they are probably staged to present these arguments otherwise not sure how the video gets made and posted by the atheist anyway.)
  • Love is the strongest thing… faith is just as strong… if you think you are okay you are okay – (love is strong, the Bible attests to it but thinking you are okay and love makes you okay is clearly illogical. For example, if we consider someone who doesn’t know they have cancer and dies as a result of it we clearly see the lack of awareness doesn’t change the outcome. The individual thought they were okay but obviously it doesn’t matter when objective truth and reality come into play.)
  • Everybody lives then no room left on earth – (obviously not a serious comment)
  • Religion controlled science – (science was never controlled by the church and Christian says “not anymore”. This statement is not needed as science was never controlled by religion. The Catholic church had scientists but it wasn’t them that objected to the right view of things like the world not being flat, it was the academics of the time. They joined in the attack for political reasons later. Also the prominent scientists of the day that laid much of the foundation of modern science, Newton, Kepler, Copernicus, were Christians and their belief in God laid logic to have them expect order in the universe (e.g. there are universal laws because there was a Law Giver…. hence logic can be found not just random mutations and changes).)

In short, you can easily see that each statement even though passionately stated is easily debunked when the light of evidence is shone upon each claim. It is easy to feel the foundation for our faith shake but when we realize we have sufficient evidence for an intelligent and informed faith we can gain assurance and certainty in the absolute truth of Jesus as Lord and Saviour.