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Question: Give five reasons to support your view of the divine inspiration of Scripture.


I am uncompromising in my stance of the Bible, as originally inspired, being the inerrant Word of God. I can base this statement on many facts (for a much more detailed study on this topic please see my post entitled “Validity of the Bible”) but in summary we can rest assured it is divinely inspired because of the following:

1. Jesus Himself spoke of the Scriptures’

      Authority – Matthew 22:43, Reliability – Matthew 26:54, Finality – Matthew 4:4, 7, 10, Sufficiency – Luke 16:31, Indestructibility – Matthew 5:17-18, Unity – Luke 24:27, 44, Clarity – Luke 24:27, Historicity – Matthew 12:40, Facticity (scientifically) – Matthew 19:2-5, Inerrancy – Matthew 22:29; John 3:12, 17:17, Infallibility – John 10:35

2. Third-party verification

      A plethora of external sources and facts outside the Bible corroborate what is found in the Bible.

3. Historical reliability

      The Bible’s message is a sharp contrast to the pagan fertility religions and philosophies of the ancient world as revealed through history. It isn’t shy about mentioning dates and places that have never been proven false (or if they seemingly had later evidence has uncovered these claims to be false themselves thus proving the Bible true). Additionally, the multitude of manuscripts and breadth of textual criticism has brought us much closer over time to understanding the truly amazing accuracy of the Scriptures.

4. Fulfilled prophecy

      Events demonstrate that the Biblical prophets accurately predicted events hundreds of years before they occurred.

5. Archaeological evidence

      Physical evidence demonstrates the historical and cultural accuracy of the Bible.

6. Life changing

    I will add a sixth as I believe we can often get lost in the academic dialogue and although this intellectual approach is in partnership with the Scriptures and God we must understand the truly unique, powerful, and real verification of Scriptures as a transformative book. As D.L. Moody, the American evangelist, stated – “The bible wasn’t given to increase our knowledge but to change lives.” And it is experiencing this personal change validated by the objective realities of points 1-5 that allow me to thank the Creator of all for creating His wonderful perfect Book.