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suffering-proofQuestion: Is there any proof of God’s existence? If God does exist, why is there so much evil and suffering in the world?


I wanted to share a clip of a 100 Huntley St. episode featuring my good friend and Christian Apologist Rev. Tony Costa. It is a concise look at answering some deeper questions that perhaps you have pondered or been asked by others.

Tony does a great job at briefly highlighting the rationale for God’s existence by pointing to the intricacy of the universe, the concept of “Creatio ex nihilo” (creation out of nothing), and the implications of absolute morals. He goes on to discuss how the Christian worldview approaches the concept of suffering and how through suffering God can be glorified – most evident when we observe the convergence of suffering and pain on Jesus Christ. Lastly, Tony touches upon the uniqueness of Christianity in comparison to other religious worldviews.

This is me sharing about what is running through my mind…

God Bless,
–          Sumair