Key verse(s)/quote(s):

“What we really need, after all, is not to defend the Bible but to understand it.” – Millar Burrows

“If he called them ‘gods,’ to whom the word of God came—and the Scripture cannot be broken” – John 10:35

Key takeaway(s):

  1. Understanding the Bible in context and being able to gain and communicate its validity is paramount to the Christian faith.
  2. One can easily say they “believe” in the Bible or claim the opposite naming it “myth”, each is without veracity as one must understand “what” the Bible says completely and “why” we can have assurance it is actually the Word of God.
  3. Basis for trust is rooted in:
    • Third-Party Verification
    • Historical Reliability
    • Fulfilled Prophecy
    • Archaeological Evidence
  4. God can produce both a Person and a Book that are without error.


This topic is one that sometimes seems bland and often ignored yet ironically in my view it is arguably the most or second most paramount aspect of the Christian dialogue. As Paul states that Christianity itself stands and falls on the resurrection of Christ, it is of utmost importance that prior to generating thoughts and basing our world views on the teaching of a book we must put to rest the discussion on the validity of such a book. More simply put, how can we live by the word of a book if it’s just a book and yet we think and say it is the word of God yet we don’t know it to be so?

Secondarily, how can we respond to the popular and oft rehashed “contradictions” or “fallacies” that people call out? As one pastor (Thanks Tony) once quoted, “To doubt God is the first step to muffle God’s voice, To criticize God is the first step to gag God’s voice”. Being able to understand and explain the Bible and address the claims made against it is the first step in removing any convenient obstacles people have placed as they suppress the Truth of Christ and His Message.

Suggested Reading(s): B = Basic, M = Moderate, A = Academic

Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart;

William Klein, Bloomberg;

D.A. Carson;

Norman Geisler;

Jr., Gleason L. Archer;

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