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Defending and Deepening our Faith

I had the pleasure of being invited to preach at the Chinese Gospel Church Youth Winter Retreat this past long weekend. The theme – Defending and Deepening our Faith. It was a solid time of learning, sharing, Q&A, and fellowship.

The 3 messages focused upon building a solid foundation for our belief in the Christian faith concluding with an understanding of eternity and how it necessitates a decision when confronted with the Gospel.

Please feel free to listen to the messages, and I pray that they help equip the saints (Jude 1:3) and prepare us for the upcoming Easter season as the topic of the resurrection and the claims of Christianity are sure to come under scrutiny. I pray that the season presents opportunities to share the reason for the hope that we have in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour (1 Peter 3:15).

Message 1: Validity of the Bible
Message 2: Undeniable: a resurrection documentary
Message 3: Heaven and Hell: a glimpse into eternity

This is me sharing about what is running through my mind…

God Bless,
– Sumair