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God is Good! My first Sunday morning message.

First Sunday Morning Message

God is good! I must start this sharing on that simple yet profoundly real note. For years, I have constantly prayed for God to show me the next step. That is all I have asked for and He has always been faithful. I didn’t need to see my entire future or even have my immediate questions or concerns answered. I just prayed a simple prayer asking for a clear view of what God wishes me to do next and He has always replied. God is good! Be it learning the meaning of worship, teaching Sunday School, counseling the youth at my church, planning out the vision for our English congregation, getting my doctrinal fundamentals built, learning apologetics, or taking on a position on the church board to serve as evangelism chair – God always revealed that one next step. This leads me to an important step I took yesterday.

Yesterday, I delivered my first Sunday morning sermon. I have taught Sunday schools, led workshops, shared in fellowship discussions – in my church, at other churches or even university fellowships but this was my first Sunday morning message. It was a big step for me. Funny how as I was preparing I asked myself what the big difference was between a Sunday morning message and all the other areas of service God has called me to. Functionally, perhaps not much but meaning wise it was of tremendous significance to me. I thank Rev. Felix Wong for accepting me and giving me the opportunity to speak at Toronto Simpson Chinese Alliance Church (TSCAC) and I thank Rev. Tony Costa for recommending me to Rev. Wong.

As you may have read my last sharing this past week, it has been a trying time over the past few months but I laid it all at God’s feet and continued to remind myself of His sovereignty and how He is all good and all powerful – and that changes how Christians should/can face the world and have confidence we can overcome whatever Satan throws at us.

Indeed, God is good, and He was faithful in bringing me through the last few months. It has been a great 2 months in both difficulty and triumph. I thank God for both! He is Good! In the last 2 months, I have launched this website to be able to serve Him in a new way and now have preached my first Sunday sermon and have set a few more dates to speak at other churches on Sunday mornings.

What a 2 months it has been but I like where I am standing now. Even 12 hours before the message, I was having severe stomach pains (alluded to health issues in my last reflection) and barely got 2 hours of sleep. I was also dealing with personal issues I had with a loved one that was causing me distress but God is good! I prayed steadfastly and asked Him to be at the centre of it all and He was faithful. My pains went away an hour before I had to leave to preach (was in pain from 2-4am and 6-7am) and my focus on those personal issues was put aside and I felt energized. I felt the calming peace of trusting in the Lord and delivered the message.

Even after the message, the personal issues that still plagued my mind were resolved. I had resolved it in my heart to forgive and then had some time to talk it through and we sorted it out and I feel God’s love even more. It was like I was being tested with all these things and God said after it all I want to see if you focus on me in all this or the other things in your life – He made me make that call of – it is You (God) above all else. When He is our Morning Star all things line up and in my case all seemed to end as He intended – God is Good!

I will end off with a few closing points:

1) God is good! As if you couldn’t pick up on that theme throughout this post 😉 but I must respond to the last 2 months with praise to the Lord on high.

2) I am so thankful for the opportunity to speak at TSCAC.

3) God is always in control.

4) God is deserving and must be placed at the centre-most highest-most position in our lives

5) True faith needs to be a desparate faith (click here for topic post on this)

6) I thank you all for your continual prayers and if I may be so bold, I ask you not to cease in your prayers for me and my service to the Lord

7) Since 7 is the symbolic “complete” number in the Scriptures I guess I should have 7 points 😛 but seriously lastly I am so humbled for this small but important step and pray I continue to handle God’s work faithfully and His word carefully.

Click here to read the relevant post and hear the sermon I shared (after clicking this link scroll to bottom of the page for the audio message and slides).

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