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Theology matters + New Theology in Sneakers radio show.

Above is a brief video that effectively communicates the importance of theology and expresses shared sentiments on why theology is so important.

People often ask me why I care so much about theology. People often slouch back when one expounds on the finer theological details that function as the threads forming the tapestry that is the Gospel. People often sigh when one expresses a heart-felt desire to be a careful handler (exegete) of God’s Word. People often look at theology as a mind draining life sucking emotionally insensitive spiritually detached academic exercise. The objections to theology can be obvious in the acidity of the critiques such as “You are wasting time on the details when they don’t matter so much” or masked in sweetness evidenced in the claims echoed in phrases such as “I rather focus on the love of God”. To each of these groups of people I must humbly and yet confidently submit that theology must be important by definition – after all ‘theology’ is the composite of 2 Greek words meaning the “study of God”. How can one say that studying God is devoid of life when it is the study of the one who is the Source of all life? As St. Jerome so eloquently and simply once said, “Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.”

I understand the hesitation by some to dive into God’s Word but the fact that we are instructed to live based on the Word of God and that it is God’s revealed truth seems counter intuitive to the apparent desire of those seeking to be closer to God. I also understand the reality of the concerted effort required to maintain focus and discipline in the study of God through His Word. However, I find it a much easier path than toiling in pursuit of His invisible will (although this is also part of Christian living) or deluding oneself as a “spiritual purist” by not referring to mere books.

Personally, the more I reflect on certain passages, themes, and doctrines once taken at face value I begin to realize that my knowledge is limited. However, I must pull myself back as I find myself at the edge of the disparaging depths of realized ignorance and I must take slow steps into the proverbial ocean of wisdom that the great theologians prior to my time have entered. I am grateful to God for the lives of the great Christian thinkers ahead of us and even more indebted to the Holy Spirit as He guides me in the study of a wonderfully amazing God.

I ask for you all to pray for my diligence in study and invite you all to join me as impassioned followers of Christ who strive to learn all they can about God and allow the Word to shine a path to walk with Him. Perhaps the quickest way to enter the will of God, the love of God, walk with God and envelope ourselves in all that pertains to God is through the study of the Word as guided by the Holy Spirit Himself. Perhaps the quickest litmus test for our spiritual lives is assessing how often we find ourselves in the Word and pondering the greater thoughts that concern God. For isn’t man’s greatest goal in life to glorify God? And do we honestly believe we can do this and are doing this without devoting time to learning more about Him?

Perhaps the development of a heart and mind for theological understanding can also serve as a litmus test for the health of the churches we attend? And perhaps we can make a conscious effort to pause and assess if we are pursuing an accurate and complete theology via our Sunday Schools, sermons, and fellowships. If we as individuals fail this test or our churches fail, I would encourage you to ask God to fan the flame in your heart for His Word and guide your mind to help your brothers and sisters in your church. Theology must be the language of the Christian heart, mind, soul, spirit, and life.

In an effort to bring theological matters to a broader demographic, I have recently partnered up with two dear brothers (Bronf and Jermaine) on a project that has resulted in an online radio station – Ginseng Media (no longer active). I have been blessed with the opportunity to not only serve with these dear brothers, as a member of the Ginseng Media planning committee, but also partner with another dear brother in Christ (Justin) who is my co-host on our newly launched Christian apologetics radio show titled after this site – Theology in Sneakers.

Thank you Bronf and Jermaine for giving me the opportunity to join your team – I am blessed by God to serve with you and cherish your sincere and selfless hearts. Thank you Justin for sharing your passion for evangelism and love for youth by partnering to deliver real answers to relevant questions for this generation of youth.

About Ginseng Media.
Ginseng Media (GM) is an internet-radio station that features content focused on East Asian entertainment and culture. GM also features Christian programming that is geared towards presenting the Gospel and feeding the Body of the Christ. GM’s target audience is ‘consumers of East Asian entertainment and culture’, as well as young Christians (ages 16-30). GM is designed to encourage listeners to tune into Christian programming and to ultimately introduce the Gospel. GR is an official ministry of Youth Unlimited (Toronto Youth for Christ).

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