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TiS now available via iTunes podcasting!

Hi Everyone,

After waiting on this the last several months, I am pleased to announce that TiS is now available in Podcast form for your added convenience. It is really exciting as Apple has just approved my listing on iTunes and now people can browse for Christian theology and apologetics information and come across TiS. This new podcasting feature allows you to subscribe and automatically receive each new audio posting* or quickly and easily download episodes to your computer, iPod, iPad, or iPhone based on your interests.

I hope this means TiS may grace you as you are on the road, going for a run or simply want to share it with a friend. Please help spread the word and thanks again for all your constant prayers and encouragement. I am truly blessed to be used by God in this ministry and pray He continues to use this humble servant as He wishes. Praise God for this new addition to TiS and I hope you find it convenient and it allows you to share the message with others even more easily.

Check it out by visiting the “Subscribe” page, or by clicking here, or simply open iTunes and search for “Theology in Sneakers”.

This is me sharing about what is running through my mind..

* Please note videos and multimedia posts will not appear.