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Welcome to Theology in Sneakers 2.0!

After over 50 hours of renovations, I am excited to announce the release of Theology in Sneakers version 2.0. I am truly blessed to have this ministry and am grateful to see it grow since its inception over 3 years ago. TiS has grown from 15 posts to over 85 posts, from 11,000 annual visitors to 30,000 from 140+ countries around the world, and has seen the inclusion of video content, iTunes podcasts, and more.

After all that, I am even more excited than ever to introduce the release of TiS 2.0 and recommit myself to publishing in the new season of my life as a husband to a wonderful wife.

Key Highlights of TiS 2.0:

  • Completely redesigned look and feel that is more easily navigated
  • Responsive interface to improve experience with touch-screen devices such as tablets and phones
  • Quick access to a new topical browsing matrix
  • Enhanced layouts that focus on increased multimedia features
  • New TiS logo
  • New “Live Search” makes finding what you want more intuitive and faster (beta testing currently – found @ bottom of site)
  • New TiS promotional video

I thank you all with the utmost of sincerity for your support of TiS in all forms be it reading, sharing and/or praying. And I would especially like to thank Jermaine Wall, for his tremendous support of TiS and helping with the refresh of version 2.0 officially launched today. I’d like to also take this time to thank everyone who has helped in different ways over the years and encourage you to read the special thanks section that has been on TiS since we launched in July 2009.

This is me sharing about what is running through my mind…

God Bless,

– Sumair