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What do we have in common with bald chickens?


Christen Shepherd holds one of 43 battery hens that were rescued and relocated to her farm, Cobble Hills Sanctuary, near Stratford. Photograph: Randy Risling/Toronto Star

Dear Friends,

Today, I had a dear sister in Christ send me a light-hearted article as she knows that I sometimes like to read these random tidbits because I find them humorous or simply interesting. This particular article caught my attention because I couldn’t help but be reminded of the parallels of what Christ has done for us and the story of these helpless bald chickens.

I don’t intend to diminish Christ’s incomparable and amazing work of grace as it relates to my observations within this article. However, this heartening story of an anonymous “saviour” identifying a group of hatchery chickens to be saved without any reason or merit and bringing them to a “sanctuary”, a almost heavenly respite, is both touching and meaningful (not to be mistaken for anything “deep” ;)). To top it off, the lady who runs this animal recovery safe haven is even named Shepherd 😉 haha…

  • In the article (link below), you can read how the chickens had grown abnormally due to their confinement and developed habits and tendencies that were self-destructive – doesn’t that sound like our sinful nature as we sometimes try and adapt to fit into our “cage” (the world)?
  • Their “saviour” had not clearly identified why these chickens were chosen to be saved but stated they were selected merely because he didn’t have to reach down or up and just grabbed them from the middle shelf of cages – and yet our Heavenly Father came down and suffered, endured ridiculed, was bruised and died for us.
  • Similar to these chickens we don’t have merit and similarly we can’t earn salvation and yet God chose us according to his good pleasing and perfect will (Ephesians 1:5). Unlike this anonymous “saviour”, do not be mistaken as God chooses with great care (Matthew 10:29-31, Psalm 17:7-9) and without an ounce of merit earned by us (Ephesians 2:8-9).
  • Isn’t it also a wonderful parallel to read about how these broken/confined creatures were freed/saved resulting in joy in their own lives and turned into a gift to troubled children creating joy in the lives of those around them? It reminds me of how we are simply broken incomplete people and when we are in God’s hands He can remold us, as the Potter that He is (Isaiah 64:8), and make us into something useful to do good works (Ephesians 2:10) resulting in inner joy and peace while becoming vessels of God’s love in the lives of those around us.

Enjoy reading and I hope it brings a smile to your face and a reminder to your heart/mind of the grace of God… Click here to read the article.

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